The Explication Of Signifying Prosperous

As the world welcomed the new millennium, every decade proved to see emergence of

new technology that changed or disrupted the prior paradigm.  Each step leaps farther than

the last and recurs at a pace never before seen, from overabundance of information

to the influence of social network, and from rigorous method of programming to the burst

of artificial intelligence.  The bleeding edge of technology is already expanding in all fronts, finance, medicine, cosmology, and so on, faster than human minds can comprehend.  At this rate, the fate of the future will lie in the hand of the technology, and Intellegend intends to be the engine of change when the future catches up.

To achieve that, we invest heavily in seeking out brilliant people and superior intellectual properties, while connecting investors and leading corporate directors around the world.

Our corporate has unique assets starting from being comprised of brilliant minds around

the globe.  We operate at an international scale, maximizing creativity as well as productivity

of our people, drawing as much potential as possible.  Intellegend, as a unique investor, emphasizes on the realization of new talents, explores their vast knowledge or comprehensive experience, and brings them forth.  They are nurtured learning all sides of business, among all core competency, social skill.  They go on to be new legend.  They understand customers better and help them make the right decision rather than persuade them.  It is a lifelong learning skill.  It should be the greatest strength to survive in modern business world.

Intellegend encourages young talented individuals to join our ambitious mission.  People who are experts in a field of technology, already in stages of developing a staggering invention looking
for your own stab to the world, or if you can bring source of funding to help ushering our vision,

you may be interested in joining us.  

We believe that there is yet the greatest story to be told
to the world.  And we are on that mission.

Intellegend is interested in turning

mercenaries into missionaries.

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